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Time for the “signs” of Victor Chab

Buenos Aires , 1973

There are art manifestations born with the gift to incite, before than the critical or interpretative vision, plain contemplation, meditation. If I am not wrong this is a good indicator to show us if we are in front of something which is essentially a real creation. Because it is in there that we are placed in an identity liasion between the creation of nature and of the artist .Nobody would dream of criticizing or of applying aesthetic conventions of value to an imposing mountain, to nothing that arouses our amazed and pure contemplation out of the human art works.

Well then, there is a kind of painters, tools may be of an original creativity that transcends them, who require and deserve identical treatment. Comparisons disturb soon appreciation. That is why it would not be good to name the pioneers or contemporaries of this cast among which Victor Chab's work belongs, and especially his zodiac of “signs”: twelve pictures that are complemented, related and interrelated

( they are shown these days in the Gallery Imagen , Paraguay 867)

Strange sensation of finding oneself , in these times of extreme exasperation and violence, in front of these islands where the crystals of the permanent, invariable keep growing, fertilized by the free imagination of a poet of colour and shape, imagination that is deep knowledge.

The man who most intensely foreshadowed in prophetic representations this era marked by irrational destruction, Franz Kafka, kept alive in his interior the imperturbable faith which he himself called faith in the undestroyable because “what cannot be destroyed has no name”. The same way Lao Tse 2500 years ago called it tao , sense, path to the same essence, that is the undestroyable , saying it lacked name. This faith, this knowledge of what cannot be destroyed saved Kafka from interior torture. To label him as a tortured author, as he generally is, is not to understand his spirit. His work, like any transcendental work, is a testimony in total faith in the permanent opposite to the apparent reality of catastrophe, the collapse. Here lays the disturbing, somehow constructively disturbing, of the paradox fundament of all work of this kind: horror, anguish, violence, cataclysms, cannot do anything against this firm column of that which inexorably remains permanent. This can also be read in the zodiac of signs of Chab . Signs of unlimited possibilities: signs then of what lasts, of the invariable. Positively disturbing supports emerging in a world of destructive and negative alarm.

Then, in our background so shocked by uncertainty, violence, which all of us consider absurd, the signs of Chab , working secretly, these transfigurations of a perpetual geometry, conjugation or conjunction of light and shade, the exact value of the subtle , far from any effectivism , far from the visual noise we suffer in many pictures which only document, without significance- open a new window through which a new atmosphere comes in. An air that gives relaxation, and however keeps us awake, alert.

This experience, of course, can only take place in the interior of an open mind. In those who do not live asleep.

These signs are addressed to those who know how to see or look. To those who have inside the good disquietness , the germ to be alert. For them, the “signs” of Chab are to be real signs. Significant signs.